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Bring nature to your home

Meet our visionary founder, Rada Daleva, a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur who embodies the spirit of ambition, positivity, and adventure. With a heart full of dreams and an unwavering determination, Rada is a driving force behind Daleva Design.

Originally from Bulgaria, Rada embarked on a journey of chasing her dreams from a young age. At just 16, she made the bold decision to move to the UK and fearlessly pursued her aspirations. Currently, on the verge of completing her education in architecture, Rada has already gained experience as an architectural assistant. Her academic journey, coupled with her professional background, equips her with a unique blend of expertise that fuels her creativity and innovation.

Rada's vision is a powerful force that drives her commitment to create lasting impact and inspire meaningful change. With an unshakable belief that even the smallest gestures can bring about positive transformations, she channels her passion for design and love for nature into Daleva Design. Through her creations, Rada seeks to forge connections, tell stories, and make a positive difference, one elegant piece of furniture at a time.